Woody GoulartI am Woody Goulart in Las Vegas, Nevada. Woody G. in Vegas.

I am professionally experienced in consultative sales, coaching, and mentoring. As a Nevada resident I hold the state’s Marijuana Establishment Agent Card. I successfully completed Dispensary Staff & Patient Consulting training in Las Vegas and the Nevada Dispensary Association’s Dispensary Agent Training to comply with Nevada NRS 453 marijuana training and employment requirements. Immediately available for B2B sales role and/or Baby Boomer customer sales role and/or coaching and training role in the cannabis industry in Nevada. Visit Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching for more info.

Entrepreneur. Proficient journalistic storyteller. Creative thinker. Sense of humor. Team leader. Team player.

My view of life has been greatly influenced by this idea:  The truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos.—Robert Bilder, psychiatry and psychology professor at UCLA. (Learn more.)