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  1. I have enjoyed your work on KHJ. One of my “good guys” wound up with Drake and on KHJ. Marc Elliot. He worked with me on KIOA in Des Moines as “Sandy Shore.”
    I was working with Richard Fatherley on giving Todd Storz proper credit for the first success with Top 40 in Omaha. i was a senior in high school and it convinced me to go into radio. It was 1956 and I have enjoyed a good time and got out with some money too. The book finally came out last year. its called ” The Birth of Top 40.” I think you would find it interesting. Is it possible to purchase a hard copy of your book? I would like it for my reference library. I don’t e book. Once again. Thanks for setting the record straight. I inclose our local website with KIOA’s History. Peter McLane


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